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Time Magazine Names The Ebola Fighters 2014’s ‘Person Of The Year’

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The doctors and health staff who treated Ebola patients have been named Time magazine’s 2014 Person of the Year.

According to the Huffington Post, Time managing editor Nancy Gibbs announced the winner on NBC’s “Today” Wednesday morning.

She told Matt Lauer,

These men and women did the hard and dangerous work in treating patients and protecting the rest of us.

Time’s cover story describes how these brave doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and burial teams made up for insufficient government responses, and how they voluntarily risked their lives operating under shoddy protection measures.

The issue has five covers, with the most recognizable face being that of Dr. Kent Brantley in the top right corner.


Brantley was one of the first Americans to contract Ebola, and his blood went on to be used to cure several other American patients like Texas nurse Nina Pham.

He called “Today” to remind viewers that it’s not time to celebrate just yet.

He said,

This is not simply a historic event that we’re looking back on. It’s still happening. Ebola fighters are not just people who did something brave and courageous. They are still in the trenches fighting that war as we speak.

Pictured below the Christian missionary is ambulance driver Foday Gallah, who also survived the virus.

He told Time,

I want to give my blood so a lot of people can be saved. I am going to fight Ebola with all of my might.

Ebola has killed over 6,000 people this year, mostly from the West African nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Finalists for Person of the Year, which is chosen by Time’s editors, included Russian President Vladimir Putin, Taylor Swift, Apple CEO Tim Cook and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Last year’s award went to a very deserving Pope Francis.

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