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21 Things Meant For Kids That Parents Secretly Love

1. Sugary cereal

Admit it. This is why you run those five extra minutes on the treadmill every day.

2. Those car shopping carts

Don’t even play like you don’t love pushing these things around.

3. Yo Gabba Gabba

Cameos by Jack Black and Jason Bateman? Music by Biz Markie and The Shins? Gee, I guess you can put it on, son.

4. Mac and cheese

Drooool. Why did we ever stop eating this?

5. Swings

“Be patient, Sweetie. I’m still making sure it’s safe.”

6. Shirley Temples

It’s impossible not to steal a sip as you pass these to your kid.

7. Pixar movies

Toy Story 3 should have won Best Picture. For serious.

8. Bounce houses

“I’m just making sure the kids are okay in here, honey!”

9. Harry Potter

We like anything to do with it, really.

10. Video Games

“Do you want my help or not?” “NOT.” “Well, you’re getting it anyway.”

11. Capri Sun

Not only do these make incredible mixers, but now that we’re adults we can actually get the straw in them!

12. The Curious George soundtrack

It’s got eleven awesome songs by Jack Johnson and even one by the White Stripes!

13. Legos

You can’t tell me these Star Wars Legos aren’t meant for people my age.

14. Coloring at restaurants

“Hey, honey. Let me help you color that tree.”

15. Halloween

Halloween candy tastes better when it comes out of your kid’s stash after they go to bed.

16. Jumping on the bed

You paid for that mattress and you can ruin it if you damn well please.

17. Santa Claus

“Santa” makes a great excuse to go buy yourself something nice.

18. Animal crackers

More like animal crack.

19. Blowing bubbles

We’ve all had that moment when the kids weren’t home but we blew a few bubbles anyway.

20. Disneyland

Now that you’re the parent no one can tell you not to eat all that cotton candy before you go on the teacups.

21. Naps

Why exactly did we fight these so much as kids? They are glorious.

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