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Community Post: 16 Dating Site Ice Breakers You’ve Heard One Time Too Many

1. “Why don’t we get a drink and just see what happens? 😉 “

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Uh huh.

2. “There was something in your eyes that just drew me in…”

3. “Do you like coffee?”

4. “So I know this sounds totally weird, but my amazing spouse and I are looking for a third…”

5. “Hey girl, how u doin?”

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Sorry dude, there’s only one man that can pull that off…

6. “OMG! Lady in Red is my favorite song too!!”

Warner Bros. / Via

7. “So what brought you to [insert your location here] ??”

Temple Hill Entertainment / Via

8. “Hey sexy. What are you into??”

Hughes Entertainment / Via

9. “Nice smile.”

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10. “You should smile more!”

11. “I’m just looking for something fun and casual. You game?”

Showtime / Via

12. “So what do you do in your free time?”

13. “Hey, how was your weekend?”

14. “Any plans for the weekend?”

15. “How’s the weekend treating you??”

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And perhaps the best of all…

17. “Hey.”

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