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Charlie Hebdo Responds To Attack With Cover Featuring Prophet Muhammad


Charlie Hebdo responded with its first issue since the deadly attack in the most Charlie Hebdo way possible.

The special edition issue, set to press three million copies on Wednesday, is as bold and controversial as any of the publication’s covers.

The cover features a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad holding a sign featuring the unifying saying, “Je Suis Charlie.”

The line above Muhammad reads, “Tout est pardonné,” which translates to, “All is forgiven.”

The cover is a clear indication Charlie Hebdo is not shying away from controversy and stirring the pot, despite the massacre the publication endured on the morning of January 7.

The attack and the events surrounding it led to a mostly unified global effort for free speech to prevail, which then led to the march of 1.5 million people in Paris. According to Yahoo News, the march was the largest rally in French history.


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