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Community Post: Just For The Halibut!

1. Ceviche Verde

As always, and especially when eating uncooked fish, seek out a reputable fish counter & ask for whatever is the absolute freshest.

2. Halibut Salad

Steam or grill an extra fillet tonight for quick work of tomorrow’s lunch. If you’re eliminating carbs, serve it on lettuce wraps!

3. Halibut Steamed with Ginger, Orange & Lime

Always use fresh squeezed citrus, especially when it’s being used as the main component, as in this refreshingly light sauce.

4. Cilantro-Ginger Halibut

Spicy, fresh & slightly tropical, the marinade here does double duty as a finishing sauce for a quick and easy dinner. Serve this up in corn tortillas for sublime fish tacos!

5. Grilled Halibut with Lima Beans & Roasted Tomato Sauce

Roasting seasonal tomatoes draws out even more of their nuanced flavor, rendering them more sweet and more savory. Toss them with lima beans and pool under grilled fish for a luxe summer meal.

6. Halibut Steaks au Poivre

Set thick fish steaks, crusted with cracked peppercorns, over sliced tomatoes and slide into the oven for 10 minutes. Dinner is ready in no time.

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