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Community Post: 14 Reasons The Sims 4 Will Be The Best Yet

1. Adjusting features will be easier

No more slider bars! Simply click and drag the body parts to change their size and shape

2. Bodies come in even more shapes and sizes.

Now, Sims can not only adjust their general size but can change the size of specific areas like the tummy, thighs, shoulders, and even feet.

3. Hats can be put on any hairstyle

Before, if you wanted a hat, you had to accept the hairstyle that came with it. No more! In TS4, hats can be worn over any hairstyle.

4. Clothing will have a purpose.

We may be seeing the end of the bottomless wardrobe, as clothing choices begin to influence sims’ moods and behaviors.

5. Decorations will also have a purpose.

Sims will be able to interact with the décor in a room and just having cool decorations around will change their emotions and the vibe of conversations and parties.

6. The relationship bar will split into two

Now, everyone you meet will have varying degrees of friendship and romantic attraction. Because of this, the concepts of soul-mates, and friends with benefits become possible!

7. Relationships will be more complex

Each sim has an ever shifting emotional state that will directly impact not only them but everyone around them.

8. Death and Divorce will be more serious events

No more slightly bad mood for a week while life chugs alone. In real life, serious events like these can have life altering consequences. We will see more of this in TS4.

9. Sims will be able to multitask.

EA hasn’t been totally clear on how this will work, but we may see a change in the familiar string of commands.

10. We’ll get more in-game achievements and rewards

New objects, outfits, and personality traits will be available to diligent TS4 players.

11. Building rooms will become easier

Building is one of the key elements of the Sims and, like the create-a-sim tool, it will become more user friendly. Players will be able to click, drag, and copy entire rooms as they build houses quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

12. The gameplay screen will get a makeover

To something sleek and modern like this

13. Houses will look more realistic

Improved graphics and more detailed décor will lead to a more life-like experience

14. EVERYTHING will look more realistic

Holy crap, is this real life? I don’t know what’s real and what’s The Sims anymore!?

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