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Awesome! This Eighth-Grader Can Moonwalk Just As Well As Michael Jackson

Wow. If you want to know what raw talent looks like, here it is. Channeling the spirit of the King of Pop himself, this eighth-grader tried MJs iconic moonwalk dance, and, well, he absolutely nailed it. Check out his flawlessly smooth moves for yourself: // Read more:

SNL Halloween Party: Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon Chandelier Dance-Off (Video)

SNL: Jim Carrey Spoofs McConaughey’s Lincoln Ads (Video) SNL‘s Kate McKinnon and Jim Carrey both dress as the dancer from Sia’s “Chandelier” music video during an office Halloween party, so the only way to decide the winner is with a dance-off. If you are outside of the U.S., you can try this video instead:…

Wonderful Pistachios Gangnam Style Super Bowl 2013 Commercial

As was hinted by super YouTuber Ryan Higa, Wonderful Pistachios enlisted South Korean superstar PSY for a Superbowl commercial. As expected, PSY dances and sings in a special Wonderful Pistachios-themed version of his worldwide mega hit Gangnam Style music video. Naturally, the special nut parody is going viralviral right after the big game, as Gangnam is currently the world’s most viewed video…

Ultimate Christopher Walken Dance Mash Up Will Get You Moving

Christopher Walken is one heck of a talented actor, but can he dance? The Huffington Post sifted through countless movies featuring Walken to create this ultimate dance now mash up and prove yes he can. In one day, the video has gone viral with over 700,000 hits already!   Read more:

Boy With Cystic Fibrosis Dances During Breathing Treatment

Dylan has cystic fibrosis, a chronic respiratory disease. As treatment, he has to wear a special breathing mask, and perform long, boring exercises.  But Dylan is a positive kid who looks at the bright side of a situation. So during his breathing exercises, he likes to crank up Dynamite by Taio Cruz and dance, dance, dance!   Read more:

Ultimate Wedding Dancing Compilation

French remix artist and video editor Luc Bergeron just published his latest video that is already picking up steam. Luc mixed over 100 viral and popular videos of dancing at weddings into this ultimate ‘World Wedding Dance 2012′.   Thanks Luc! Read more:

Baby Dances To Hamster Music Birthday Card

Keiana‘s adorable daughter can’t read, but she loves her first birthday card. For her one year old b-day, she received a musical birthday card that plays the catchy ‘hamster dance song‘ when it’s opened and she absolutely loves it! Baby has got moves! This adorable video has gone viral with over 150,000 views already!   Read…