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World’s Biggest Star Wars Fan: Stephen Colbert vs Jon Stewart (Video)

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert battle for the title of ‘World’s Biggest Star Wars Fan’ in this funny promotional video for ‘Force for Change’ campaign, which offers you a chance to win a role in the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ movie through the Omaze fundraising platform. via Read more:

Maker Has Already Accepted Disney’s Acquisition Offer

Image: Mashable composite Despite a last-minute counteroffer from a rival media company, Disney’s acquisition of Maker Studios will not only proceed — it’s already been voted on and approved. In its Monday afternoon statement indicating the Disney acquisition would go forward, the powerful YouTube multichannel network did not even acknowledge the 11th-hour bid from Relativity Media. Though…

Snow White Impersonation

Arianne Benson loves her some Disney, especially the classics. There’s just something so magical about that 30′s style dialect and voice. As a homage to the glory days, Arianne sings a spot on cover of Someday My Prince Will Come from the Disney classic Snow White.   Read more: