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helloU’s Ten Daily

These are the ten images that are trending online today. 1. The perfect match? 2. My husband wanted to dress our baby up as a doctor for his first Halloween. Source 3. Squirrels getting stuck into Halloween Source 4. Floor made completely of leather belts. Source 5. We’re not getting the vibe that the feeling…

Dog Sneaks Up On Cat

Like a spy ninja, the dog slowly sneaks up on his cat prey. The dog concentrates on every step, not wanting to give away any sound. Once finally close enough, the cat gets a good bite in the butt, and the fight is on. Got ya! The video is featured on StuffIStoleFromTheInternet.   Read more:

Barack Obama Sings Can’t Touch This

Now that Barack Obama has been declared the President of the United States for four more years, popular dubbing channel Barack’s Dubs is gonna have a lot of work ahead of them. Naturally, they had to make an episode in honor of Obama winning, and what could be more appropriate than hearing Obama ‘sing‘ the classic MC…