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Copenhagen Philharmonic Surprise Flash Performance On Subway Train

A lucky few passengers of Copenhagen’s metro system were blessed with a surprise classical performance on their train ride. In the middle of a busy train, The Copenhagen Philharmonic started to play Grieg’s classic, Peer Gynt. Instead of screaming, dancing, and singing, this flash mob helped people relax, and is featured on MSNNow, 22Words, Devour.   Read more:

helloU’s Ten Daily

These are the ten images that have been trending online today. 1. Ouch…. Source 2. A pair of beautiful beasts.. Source 3. Some aggressive marketing techniques Source 4. We always knew Darth Vader was a stiletto kind of guy…  Source 5. When Halloween displays fall over, murder scenes appear. Source   6. Social parenting… Source…

Michael Jackson VS Elvis Presley Rap Battle

Bentley Green, as a young Michael Jackson, and Nice Peter, as an older MJ, take on EpicLLOYD, who plays Elvis Presley, in this latest episode of Epic Rap Battles Of History. Who shall reign supreme, The King or The Prince of Pop? Watch to find out.    Read more: