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11 Times Daenerys Targaryen Proved She Is The Sexiest Woman Alive.

Mother of DragonsDaenerys Targaryen may not be Queen of Westeros yet, but she has just been voted the sexiest woman alive. Surely some consolation…

Emilia Clarke – the 28 year old actress who playsDaenerys – is having one hell of a year.

Busy promoting her new movie

Could well be…

Here she is looking sultry…

And here she is talking into a shoe…

Still looks sexy though, doesn’t she…

Rasta Daenerys has nothing on Emilia

Although real Daenerys is pretty sexy.

Yep she still looks amazing, even when she’s being a massive dork

She hangs out with Arnie…

Those eyes.

Sexiest woman alive?

Yeah we think that’s probably fair.

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