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“Filthiest TV Show Ever” Set To Shock Viewers Tonight With Seven Sex Scenes

There is nothing more awkward than when you’re innocently watching TV with your parents, and the show suddenly takes a raunchy turn for the worst and the actors start going at it like nobody’s watching.

If you’re currently at home and want to avoid that, or just don’t like the thought of getting hot under the collar watching a seventeenth century historic drama on the BBC, you should probably go out tonight. Or just stick to Channel 5…

Versailles, the BBC’s latest mega-project, cost 24 million (cheers TV license payers) and is set to rival Game of Thrones and Downtown Abbey in it’s historically-delicious telly goodness. The ten-part series is set in 17th century France and charts the rule of King Louis XIV, who – it turns out – was one incredibly horny royal. He was crowned age 4, so he pretty much got to do whatever he wanted his whole life.

Critics have described the show as “porn dressed up in cravats and tights” and “the filthiest TV show ever”. Looks like “Versailles and Chill” is set to be the next big thing. The show starts on BBC 2 (generally home to other saucy classics like the Royal Chelsea Flower Show and Countryfile) tonight at 9:30pm.

And if you’re mum’s in and fancies watching it, remember that we warned you…

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